Nissan S15 – GT1 high performance coilovers

MeisterR Suspension has drastically improved the performance of my car. It went from being a really uncomfortable car to drive, to something that I enjoy and drive everyday. I would thoroughly recommend it.

How does it perform on the road?

I am running the MeisterR GT1 suspension on the S15. I removed the HKS Pro spec drift suspension in favour of the MeisterR suspension. A lot of people follow big brands like TEIN or HKS, but they are designed for Japanese roads. MeisterR performs excellently on UK roads with spring rates to suit. I use the S15 everyday its firm but not uncomfortable. The ability to adjust ride height and rebound rate is important to me dependant on whether I’m using the car in anger on a drift day, or going to the shops. Jerrick and the MeisterR team have really produced something quite amazing.

How does it perform on the track?

The S15 effortlessly drifts primarily due to the excellent product MeisterR offers. I’ve had BDC drivers take the car for a spin and tell me the setup is the best they’ve ever driven. Its no wonder than championship cars run MeisterR and most of the cars in the British Drift Championship league tables all run MeisterR suspension.

Value for money?

MeisterR suspension is excellent value for money, the best upgrade I purchased for my S15

Would you buy again?

I have, currently own three sets of MeisterR’s one on my R33 GTR, the set on my S15 and another on my Altezza

Submitted by:

Shah from London

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Nissan Silvia S15