Why do only some models come with camber adjustable top mounts?

With MacPherson Strut suspension which can be found on vehicles such as; 200SX (Front), EVO (Front), WRX (All), etc, the strut connects the hub assembly directly to the chassis of the vehicle. No upper arms are used to control the movement of the hub. This design allows the camber and caster angle of the suspension to be adjusted from the top mount. MeisterR use top mounts with camber adjustment where applicable. Non adjustable pillowball top mounts are used on models where camber can only be controlled with adjustable suspension arms.

How low can my car go with the MeisterR coilovers?

The MeisterR coilovers have a wide range of height adjustment that will allow you to set your ride height from near stock height to slammed low on the ground.

What if MeisterR do not offer an application for my car?

It is difficult to offer an application for every car on the market. However, we are constantly developing new applications, so please check back from time to time to see if we have something for you. You can also E-mail us at [email protected] and let us know of your interest.

What is the MeisterR one year limited warranty?

MeisterR’s limited warranty covers for any manufacturing defect that could happen during production. Generally, the warranty will cover you as long as there is not physical damage from an external source. However, since each case is different, please E-mail us at [email protected] if you think have a defective part. For full details, please refer to the instruction manual.

What if I still have questions and I cannot find the answers anywhere?

If you are looking for more information regarding installation or adjustment of the MeisterR Coilovers, please download the instruction manual available online. Please feel free to contact us if further assistance is required.

Sport suspension vs race suspension, is stiffer better?

Your usage will define which MeisterR suspension best suits your needs. The role of suspension is to help tyres find and maintain traction; therefore, tyre choice influences which suspension option is optimal for your intended use.

A softer sports suspension setup allows road compound tyres to find traction over uneven road surfaces.
A stiffer race suspension is needed when you use high grip compound track tyres as the traction generated by the tyres will overwhelm softer suspension setup.

MeisterR products range from fast road to full race – if you are not sure which product is right for you, get in touch with us on the contact form, and one of our suspension experts would be happy to help.

Should I adjust the spring preload?

Spring preload is preset out of the box by our factory; adjustment of spring preload is not necessary. MeisterR generally recommends 2mm of springs preload on most of our coilovers.

The reason for 2mm preload is to maximise rebound travel, allowing more wheel movement and in doing so, provide better traction, performance, and comfort.

There are cases where increasing spring preload can address specific concerns such as harsh ride due to contact with bump stop. Unless you are trying to solve a particular problem, it is best to leave the spring preload at the preset 2mm setting.

How do I install MeisterR Coilovers?

To maximise the performance of your MeisterR coilovers, we would recommend they are installed by a professional. If you are unsure who to use, please get in touch, and we will recommend garages through our dealer network.

If the vehicle ride height has been changed, we would recommend having the vehicle alignment, and tracking checked.

Installing MeisterR coilovers is very straight forward, as many of our models come out of the box fully assembled ready to install.

One of the most common “overlooked” procedures is to reset suspension bushes.

All control arm bushes should be loosened and re-tightened with the suspension loaded (on the ground) at the new suspension ride height.
Failing to do that can cause bushes to twist at ride height, this adds additional force into the suspension system and is the most common cause of ride height irregularity and harsh ride quality.

How do I optimise the ride quality?

MeisterR design suspension around excellent performance and excellent ride quality. Springs rate and damper valving both play a role in providing good ride quality.

Contrary to popular belief, stiffer suspension does not need to be harsh.
A good suspension setup will provide control as well as compliance.
While you cannot expect a race suspension to ride smoothly over extremely bumpy roads, excellent ride quality does not mean soggy chassis response either.

A suspension job is to aid the tyres in generating traction. A tyre that is not in contact with the ground is not working at its full potential. Compliance and performance work hand in hand; performance is always the goal; comfort comes with it.

It’s important to ensure you select the suspension that suits your vehicles intended use. If you are unsure which product is right for you, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

What is the impact of slamming my car to the ground?

Going very low will start to negatively impact overall performance by moving the roll centre away from the centre of gravity.

What that means is the lower you go, the less roll resistance your springs provide.

The best ride height is when you keep the roll centre in check, and that usually is when the lower control arm is parallel to the ground.

What is the difference between Mono vs twin tube dampers?

The mono-tube damper has high gas pressure separated by a floating piston. A twin-tube damper does not have high gas pressure inside.

The high gas pressure of the mono-tube stabilises the oil under hard usage and therefore provides faster and more consistent performance.

Most OEM car manufacturers use mono-tube dampers in their high-performance vehicles.

How to do adjust the damping settings on my Coilovers?

On the top of MeisterR suspension, there is a knob which allows you to adjust the damping setting. When making adjustments, always start from full stiff by turning the adjustment knob clockwise. This should be done by hand only.

On full stiff, the internal valve is completely shut, and therefore provides a more consistent starting point leading to better-balanced cross axle damping adjustment.

While damping adjustment is a personal preference, we suggest the following starting point for most vehicles.

  • Road Use: Front -15 Clicks, Rear -20 Clicks.
  • Track Use: Front -5 Clicks, Rear -10 Clicks.

Adjustment is made from full stiff, turning the adjustment knob anti-clockwise towards soft.

Can I order a custom spring rate?

MeisterR pair damper valving of each of our coilovers to the provided spring rate. The pairing ensures optimal performance of our products.

By changing the spring rate from the recommended setting, it may reduce the relationship between the springs and damper, which can negatively impact performance.

If you are interested in a custom spring rate from our recommended setting, we would suggest contacting us with your vehicle’s intention and goals. We will then advise on the best setup. We want MeisterR to provide the best performance possible and are always here to help.

What are helper springs used for?

Some MeisterR models come with helper springs to increase static rebound travel.
Helper springs are featured on race-specific coilovers with higher spring rates. Helper Springs allow increased wheel movement and help improve performance.

MeisterR design and configure valving and spring rates specifically to be used with helper springs. We do not recommend helper springs are added to an existing suspension product.

Is MeisterR the same as other coilovers but a different colour?

Nope, MeisterR is different.

While many coilover kits look similar and often made in the same factory as other brands, this does not mean they are built the same.

MeisterR has a unique damper specification which has been refined through research and development over the last ten years.

Internal parts are engineered and made in the UK such as our Staggered Linear Valve (SLV), Staggered Digressive Valve (SDV) and our Staggered Double Digressive Valve (SDDV).

Our unique suspension parts feature patents such as our:
UK Patented (GB2543270) Radial Adjustable Non-Slip (RANS) collars.

All of these make MeisterR different both in ride quality and performance.