Mini – Europa suspension review

Disappointed with KW V2(too soft and not easy to fine tune), i was looking for a solution that was more track focused and user friendly, so i found Meister R, read some reviews and i loved it,changed the way the car handles. I have to say that even now(after 2 years), I’m still finding the perfect setup but the more i know, the more i like them! Running 2º in front and 1.50 in the rear!!(dry)

I had a crash and i needed support from Jerrick and he was always there. Having someone to talk directly 24/7, instead of someone in a big company that doesn’t care a bit about us is a very big bonus,and this worths a ton of money. In my opinion we could have optional spring rates when buying the coilovers, but i think Jerrick is looking at this. Would love if it was possible to lower a little bit more tough.

Performance on Road?

A little bit harsher then the common coilovers, but indeed those are more track focused for fast-road track, so in my opinion it’s ok, in a good dry road(with the proper camber settings),the car has sharp feeling, and it never surprises you(predictable!). It is recommended that the common driver knows how to setup the coilovers for the different environments to get the most out of it!

Performance on Track?

Haven’t had the opportunity do test them in the track with anything better then Yokohama Parada Spec 2, but indeed these coilovers show their true potential in it. Will test them soon with proper tires!For now, happy with it!

Value for Money?

Damping Adjustment, Aluminium Top mount, camber adjustment and the overall quality of the product, makes me say that it has a very good Value for the money!

Would you buy again?


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Innuendo (LP) from LisbonPortugal

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Mini One 1.6 (modified)