Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

For a long time I was very sceptical of the Meister R products, from the early days and Jerrick’s involvement on the CRX-UK forum it was hard to argue with his enthusiasm and aspirations of providing quality, well-developed suspension at affordable prices, but for me the only things I would be putting on my car were those made by race and time-proven manufacturers such as Bilstein and Eibach. Over a few years the Meister R coilovers seemed to be growing in popularity and receiving good feedback, but still I was dubious, I expected the units to fail the test of time and thought the feedback all came from people who didn’t know what a car that handles well really felt like and just wanted ˜lows’. Yet the coilovers continued to receive good reports and very few failures were reported, when my search for a MX5 for the track threw up a car fitted with Meister Rs, it didn’t put me off. ˜I’ll give them a go and if they’re no good then at least I’ll get good money for them’ I thought. Well, two years on and I am thrilled with the Meister Rs to the point that I have written this endorsement, I would buy them again without hesitation and would definitely consider a set of GT1s as an upgrade if they are made available for the MX5. In addition I recently contacted Meister R about changing the front springs for something a little stiffer, I received a swift, helpful response and found that the dampers have plenty of range for use with such springs.

Performance on road?

Though the car is predominantly a track car, I drive it to and from all tracks. With the dampers softened off the ride really is quite nice for a track car, though I usually forget to adjust the dampers at the end of the day and it still isn’t bothersome over 2 or 3 hours.
I also enjoy taking the car out for a blast on familiar Lincolnshire roads where a slightly softer damping setup provides a lovely compromise. The car is composed over the sorts of undulations that you just don’t get on track and well enough controlled to allow enjoyable, swift progress “ I would go out of my way to recommend them to anyone looking for a road coilover.

Performance on Track?

For me the Meister Rs really have excelled on track, considering they provide such a good compromise on the road, I have been really surprised at their ability on track. The car is very well set up and the coilovers are well supported by other chassis improvements but the fact remains that they are fundamental part of what makes the car handle so well. Cadwell park is my local track and the car really excels there, a relatively soft setup gives great composure through sections such as The Mountain and Hall Bends and the adjustable damping provides the scope to fine tune the balance through faster turns such as Coppice, Charlies and Chris Curve. This means that be it for fast road or track use, I would recommend Meister R to anyone.

Value for money?

Really very, very good. For a damping-adjustable monotube coilover with alloy top mounts (extended at the rear) and independent ride height adjustability, £700 is very low indeed. But £700 is still a fair chunk of money for all but the very fortunate so it’s important that people know that the product will represent value for a number of years. Happily I can report that I have never had any issues with my coilovers, nor have I heard of anyone else with issues beyond flaking of the paint on the springs. Given the performance, product features, price point and proven durability, I think the Meister R coilovers are very hard to beat in terms of value for money.

Would I buy again?

Without hesitation.

Submitted by:

Matt Scarbro from Lincs Cheshire

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Vehicle driven:

Mazda MX5 mk1