Increasing the Smiles per Mile

The CRD’s totally transformed my MX-5. It’s like driving a different car. All for the better, handling and ride at an affordable price.
I do not track but I drive as aggressively as the law will allow plus a little more and the CRD’s take everything I give them.
Easy adjustment from soft setting to stiffer depending on what I’m in the mood for or the type of road I’m on. I’m still dialing that in but to adjust all 4 takes about 1 minute. Height adjustment will accommodate an almost stock stance to way lower than I want to go.
I’ve bought another brand coilover for my NA8 in the same price range but did not get a comparable ride or handling.
For aggressive canyon type driving these are fabulous. I expected to be changing out the sways but now I don’t think I need to.

As a side note, I dealt with Jerrick for information and advice, then Brian at Goodwin for sales.
Placed the order and received them in less than 48 hours in Texas.
If you are on the fence about a purchase don’t hesitate.
All in all, great product for a great price with awesome customer service.

Submitted by:

John Duppenthaler

Product reviewed:

Zeta. CRD

Vehicle driven:

Mazda MX-5