Honda Civic R (FN2) Coilover Review

Jerrick’s support is great. Great to deal with and happy to help

How is the performance on the road?

Excellent! Everything’s adjustable so you can get the ride how you want it. Set on the soft side the ride quality is very reasonable. Set on the stiff side the car handles like it’s on rails; very planted and stable. The compression/rebound damping ratio is well balanced and there’s as much ride height and damping adjustment as you’d ever need.

How is the performance on the track?

Hope to find out soon

Value for money?

Can’t be beat IMO

Would you buy again?


Submitted by:

Revs FN2 from Huddersfield, UK

Product reviewed:

Zeta-R (5f/6r)

Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic R (FN2)