Great Value and Performance

Prior to installing the Zeta CRD suspension, I installed the Karcepts front and rear sway bars. I wanted to lower the car about 0.75 inches to improve the appearance with an added benefit of performance. Thus, my decision to install coilovers to replace the factory GT-S suspension. The car is street driven only with no intentions for use on the track. It is basically my fun car to drive. And now even more fun after installation of the Zeta CRD suspension. I am still playing with the damping adjustments to fine tune the driving style and local roads. The ride is somewhat firmer than the Bilstein suspension it replaced which is what I wanted. Its just a great improvement from the OEM shocks and ride.

Prior to deciding on the Zeta CRD suspension, I researched many options on and YouTube. I don’t need a plus $2000 suspension for what I wanted. The reviews on the Zeta CRD are very positive. Plus Kill-O-Byte did a great series of videos on his YouTube channel and I learned much watching him install the suspension. The installation of the suspension was quite easy if you have some mechanical background. It took several adjustments to get the ride height I wanted. The adjustment of the shocks is very easy to accomplish. The wrenches MeisterR provide are excellent.

For the cost of the Zeta CRD, I don’t believe you will find a better value for the quality and performance you get.

The support is great. Jerrick is active on the forum and responds promptly to emails sent to MeisterR sales.

In summary, I’m very pleased with the decision to purchase the Zeta CRD from MeisterR.

Submitted by:

Roy Peterson

Product reviewed:

Zeta CRD

Vehicle driven:

2019 Mazda MX-5 RF