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I’ve have been running these coilovers for almost 3 years now on a 1993 Miata. The car is track focused, but is used on the street as well. It has been on multiple long road trips, and abused on track.

The car started as a stock Miata, and got these coilovers as it’s first upgrade. With the Clubrace, extended ball joints, frame rails braces, a roll bar, and 225/45/15 200tw tires the car was unbelievable. On track it was very predictable and responsive. The car could not lose in the turns. At NYST there is a turn that is called wheelie hill. It is an uphill that plateus with an apex. This car can launch off the apex and get the 2 wheels in the air everytime while staying full throttle. Meanwhile other cars get extremely upset by trying to do the same thing. The dampers and spring rates of the Clubrace really work well together.
Now the cars is turbo with 230whp. The car is still able to utilize these coilovers perfectly. I suspect if I add full race aero or 245 slicks the Clubrace would not be able to keep up, at which point I will look into the GT1.

On the street I back the adjustable dampers to soft, and the car drives great. Does not best you up, bit still gives awesome road feedback. I have drive 6hrs straight in this car multiple times, was never hurting after.

I have recommended these coilovers to many, and a handful of people in NY have bought them off my recommendation. Every person has been very pleased and impressed by the Clubrace and Crd.

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Stephon Khan

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1993 Mazda Miata