Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

Having owned two gen 7 Celica’s before I was on the lookout for another. When I saw this one for sale it was listed with the Meister R Zeta-R coilovers fitted which made my choice very easy. Having run on standard shocks and Apex lowering springs on my previous gen 7 the difference in ride and handling is worlds apart. Smoother ride and sharper in the corners with the optional ride dampening adjustment can be set to suit your current road conditions. I would highly recommend any one who can afford these to get them without hesitation. The costs seem high when looking at it from a stand alone point of view but when you take into consideration you are getting brand new suspension components with 0 miles on the clock the costs for getting new shocks and lowering springs is not that far off without the same quality or ride improvements you get with the Meister R’s

Submitted by:

Darryl from Worksop Notts

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Toyota Celica VVTL-i 190