Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

After purchasing these coilovers initially to accommodate my wide 9.5J rims, I was blown away by the improvement in handling and also pleasantly surprised with the compromise in comfort, nowhere near as harsh as I thought they would be bearing in mind I have my car on the lowest setting on the rear. On the road performance is greatly increased and I can now push the car much much further. I have yet to experience track use but can imagine they would perform better still on a smoother surface.
Value for money was very good and one of the best mods I have carried out. Would most definitely buy again and recommend to anyone thinking of coilovers. Excellent Quality combined with excellent customer service is a winning combination, All the best to Jerrick and the team, Go Go Meister R!!

Submitted by:

Tabba from Oxfordshire

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Vehicle driven:

Toyota Celica TRD gen7