Suzuki Swift – Zeta S suspension review

Performance on road?

The coilovers are quite hard on the road, but that’s what you would expect, especially as I currently have the damping level at 16/32. However it is not uncomfortable in the car and only crashy over broken surfaces or potholes, when normal suspension wouldn’t fair much better. These coilovers are possibly one of the best modifications you can do to a Swift. The steering becomes less vague, and the chassis as a whole feels more tight, giving you more confidence in the car. Body roll is much reduced which helps keeps you in your seat and also stops the car looking like it has got arch gap a foot high.

Performance on Track?

The coilovers come in to their own here. You can feel what the car is doing, and it’ll stick through technical complexes or high-speed corners. It makes a car which handles well already punch well above its weight. To me they’ve also provided a better balance to the car, with it being more predictable. On track you could move the weight around and get the back end of the car rotating just when you wanted it to help you clip an apex.

Value for money?

When you consider the design of these coilovers, in particular the dual perch design which allows you to adjust height independently of damping, unlike nearly all the other coilovers on the market, they make for somewhat of a steal considering they are the same price. Any questions you have will always be answered, no matter how technical or stupid your question. This is something to value these days as most big brands won’t bother replying to you..

Would I buy again?


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Matt from Leiscester

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Suzuki Swift