Suzuki Swift Sport – Zeta S review

Absolute top quality! couldn’t ask for anything more from a set of coilovers, can go impractically low (which i am) and adjust the dampers to suit road conditions and driving style.

How does it perform on the road?

Definitely one of the better brands for coilovers that i’ve used, these have truly stood the test of time, i run them constantly rock solid and they still handle immensely! car has been in two front collisions and both front struts are still perfectly straight which truly surprised me!

How does it perform on track?

unfortunately i haven’t used them on track but the nearest i can compare is A and B roads, to which, they are awesome! hold the road so well and allow you to literally throw the car into any order no matter how sharp it is or how fast you are going!

Value for money?


Would you buy again?:

without a doubt, i’ve been contemplating getting a new set of Meisters even though mine are still in perfect working order

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Breadstraw from Runcorn

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Suzuki Swift Sport