Performance but comfortable

I have been dailying , autocrossing , and tracking my GT1 club races for 2 years now. Let’s start with the on track performance since that’s the main reason i got them . On track they perform perfect the car is extremely predictable and i can fine tune the balance by playing with the shocks going over curbs and imperfections on the track does not upset the car i managed to win a national pro solo autox event for my class earlier this year big thanks due to just how well the car behaves on these coilovers .

Then on the street despite what I would wish unfortunately most of my driving does tend to happen on the street . I have gotten a good setting for the street and these race spec coilovers ride somuch better than some other coilovers in street spec spring rates . I can easily and do infact take multiple thousand mile road trips a year and the car feels fine . Handles the bumps and potholes amazingly well .

Yes i would absolutely and do recommend these coilovers to anyone the performance vs price is so good on these coilovers I’ve yet to see a comperable coilovers that comes close to the value .

Submitted by:

Erik Cardenas

Product reviewed:

Clubrace gt1

Vehicle driven:

2019 Mazda mx-5 miata