Nissan Skyline GTR R32 – Zeta R suspension review

I am so happy with the Zeta-R that I have not been interested in removing them for the new MeisterR suspension that has just come out. If something aint broke then you dont fix it in my book, but the new stuff is well, see for yourself really but again another work of art that is phenomenal!

Performance on Road?

You can really feel the difference on either the Zeta-S or the Zeta-R when you change the adjustment even by a few clicks. By trial and error in a short space of time its easy to identify how you like them set up on your vehicle whether you want to soak up the bumps or have more feel coming through at the expense of feeling those bumps! In terms of fitting them make sure you get them done by someone who knows that theyre doing as again it can be trial and error to get the ride hide you want. I’d recommend both the Zeta-S and the Zeta-R as I have used them in fast road applications, but personally after changing to the Zeta-R I would not go back to the S

Performance on Track?

I haven’t really done enough on either the Zeta-S or the Zeta-R. On the times that I have I have advice on what to try from their very creator and after a number of laps I was very happy with the way the car felt and responded. Whilst I can talk extensively about fast road with these coilovers, there are others out there far better qualified than I for their track use!

Value for Money?

Outstanding for what you get really in terms of quality, craftsmanship, build and longevity. The myth that the Zeta-S and the Zeta-R were just a rebrand of another well known make is total crap!

Would you buy again?

Of course!

Submitted by:

SPEED MERCHANT from Kernow/Kent/Surrey

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Vehicle driven:

Veilside R32 Evolution III GTR