Nissan 300zx Coilover Review

I would like to thank meisterR not just for the fantastic products supplied to me but for the top notch customer service. every time i get in touch i get a very fast friendly reply to all my questions which for me is worth its own weight in gold. THANKYOU.

How does it perform on the road?

Transformed the car on the road, gave much more rear end grip in the wet and actually gave me some confidance in the car in fast corners

How does it perform on the track?

on track these really came into their own, i was able to throw the car from left to right with ease and hold plenty of speed through the corners which for a big heavy rear wheel drive car is a great feat.

Value for money?

I did shop around before i bought these and whilst there where others available i believe nothing came close to the quality and spec for the money these where.

Would you buy again?

yes i would buy again and im currently in the process of saving for a set for my gtiR aswell.

Submitted by:

mikey bean from Doncaster

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Nissan 300zx