Mazda RX8 231 – Zeta S Coilover Review

When I was looking for coil overs there are all kinds of things on the market, and blurb you read, Jerrick From MeisterR was the only person that was able to answer all the questions I had. Even then he advised me of things that I hadn’t even asked about, nothing says quality to me quite like someone knowing what they are selling, I placed my order and the next day there was a knock on the door, there was a little man with a rather large box….(get your mind out the gutter) Inside was a set of very shiny well packed Coilovers, I remember thinking Wow these look nice, having a look around them as you do the build quality really is good, and not a good for the price but top money good. lovely deep red anodised parts with strong well built sleeves. effortless motion for lowering and raising the car, and the spanners supplied are good quality too, they don’t die the first time you use them!

How does it perform on the road?

after letting the car settle on them for a few hours I took the car out (with the misses) was a nice day and there are some Windey’s out this way so best place for testing. straight away you can feel that the car is planted, the body roll disappears completely, and the car just has grip after grip, you get a feeling like the back is about to step out but really its the car just biting in more! I was in shock and love all at the same time, the car was good before but the Meisters really bring out the best in the chassis. to top it all off, the ride comfort isn’t changed that much, I have had springs and shocks before that felt like they were trying to brake my spine, even with pot hole roads the Meisters are great and allow the feedback you want from the car track days will be a real treat now I cant wait to get booked up for some track time!!!

Value for money?

This was a big part for me, I was looking at springs, to lower the car and stay with standard shocks, thinking about it, if they are not matched the ride can be crazy, uncomfortable not to mention having a leaky damper after adding more stress to them. so I went on basis that new shocks and lowing springs would cost not to much less than the Meister. as far as Value goes, if I was testing these and didn’t know the price I would think they were £1000 + equipment.

Would you buy again?

In a heart beat (but hopefully I wont have to as these will last ….) just a big thank you to Jerrick, for all his help and advise, if you are looking at a coil over kit for road and track these really are worth every penny!!!

Submitted by:

Flameshades from Woking

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

RX8 231