Mazda RX7 – Zeta R Coilover review

After some emails bouncing back and forth with Jerrick I decided on purchasing the zeta R Coilovers . Through friends on the glanza and Honda circles who swore great things and after first hand experience in a highly tuned glanza swapping out £1800 TRD suspension for the MeisterR replacements. What a massive improvement In handing UK roads and I was genuinely very impressed. Back to my fd experience, fitting was straight forward and I set the damping adjustment to the middle setting 16. The front once fitted were far to low and left about 4mm from arch to tyre. We adjusted that with about ten threads and left it with about 20mm gap front and back. So my experience is WoW and honestly for UK roads these are absolutely brilliant. My car is pretty slammed and the ride on less than perfect Northumbrian roads is over 100% better and far exceeded my expectations and have transformed the car. I can’t describe how much better this soaks up the Tarmac now and the skippy feeling putting power down has now vanished. I would have and will have no problems in recommending this kit to others One very happy customer indeed. Ill get better pics once the weather picks up but some fitting ones here.

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jdmr_neil, from  Northumberland

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Rx7 fd