Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review


Had trouble justifying splashing out all the money in one go for a set of Meisters. Spent ages watching eBay. Went through all the permutations for shocks and springs, lowering, standard, adjustable. Koni, KyB standard, spax. You name it I looked at it and costed it out.

In the end there was very little difference in overall cost, ignoring the real cheap crap out there. Everyone said Meisters were good so when the group buy came up I jumped at them. Fitted them within 2 hours of receiving them. Love them. Only use them on the road but handling is great. Speed bumps are not an issue even at the ‘out of the box’ height and everyone comments how smooth the car is.

I now look for bumps instead of avoiding them. Here’s how she sits, as I say no issues with speed bumps at this height.

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Mazda MX5