Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

Performance on road?

Very smooth on the road, most of the time i run them at 4 clicks on the front 3 on the rear, some of roads are shocking in Sheffield. Obviously they’re not as compliant than new standard dampers and springs but the ride is very comfortable.

Performance on Track?

They seem very good, run them at 8 clicks front and 7 clicks rear in the wet, stiffer dampening in the dry. Really impressed with the performance, a huge leap forward from standard dampers and lowering springs.

Value for money?

They are the only coilovers I’ve purchased but i consider them very good value for money for my purposes.

Would I buy again?

Yes 100%

Submitted by:

Rob Fox from Sheffield

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Mazda Eunos roadster 1.6