Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

The customer support is absolutely ace. I’ve been constantly chatting to Jerrick and Edwin through PM’s, trying to figure out the best settings for my needs and to get an understanding of how the system works, what each part does etc. and every time my questions have been answered within a couple of hours and i’ve never been made to feel like I was being stupid or asking a silly question.

Performance on road?

For road use absolutely spot on, I have mine wound down fairly low and the ride isn’t harsh at all. I’ve really thrown it around country roads and haven’t once wished that I went for a different coilover system. Nor have I ever felt that the coilovers were lacking for my needs.

Performance on Track?

I’ve only done one track day with mine and I also had a mate in ,basically, the same car but on standard suspension and the difference around the corners was insane, despite him having more power he simply couldn’t match my speeds on the corners. Again, never felt that the coilovers were lacking.

Value for money?

As is always, you get what you paid for. I would say that these were a great value. I have mine set lower than a friends who is on cheaper coilovers and mine is still a far comfier ride even on the harder settings.

Would I buy again?

Yes. If I was to get another MX5 these would be the first purchase.

Submitted by:

Dan Paton from Suffolk

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Mazda MX5 NA