Mazda MX5 NA – Zeta S suspension review

I’d tried a couple of other set ups but just wasn’t happy. I bought some Buddyclub suspension but that was so rigid i’m sure my tires flexed more than the actual suspension movement.

I then Seen the group buy going on here so decided to just go for it as i had had the Meisters previously on a Tommy Mac Evo 5.5.

The big day arrived and i opened the box to behold the black and red gold inside. They are so beautifully made. right down to the finest detail. and look lovely in black and anodized red.

Fitting was a piece of cake, especially as my car was already stripped and waiting to fit them. and height set up is very easy as well with the well constructed C nuts and spanners.

The ride quality is excellent. you would be forgiven for not even realizing that you had just fitted coil-overs as its so smooth and soaks up all the bumps on the road. and at the same time they are stiff enough for spirited country roads.

I will be on a track day to knockhill on the 5th of July so will let yous know how they are on track after then,

along with some Go Pro footage.

In hindsight i may well have gone for the slightly firmer spring rate but i am in no way disappointed in what i have.

All in all i would highly recommend these to anyone looking for an upgrade at a great price.

Submitted by:

Zool from Inverness (Scotland not US

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Vehicle driven:

Mazda MX5 1.8 NA