Mazda Mx5 Mk1 Coilover Review

Don’t buy any other coilovers until you have had meisterr’s i have been in everything from 200sx’s to bmw’s and mx5’s with meisterr coilovers and they have all been amazing and the owners consistently amazed with the quality and performance of the coilovers.

How is the performance on the road?

fantastic, even on harder settings the coilovers handle bumps and potholes fine even when wound down to silly low as they are on my car. car is comfortable yet composed at all times wether it is around town or cruising down the motorway.

How is the performance on the track?

ridiculous, car gripped amazing and coilovers took some ridiculous abuse and never let me down, again i have lowered the car to the point where you would expect suspension performance to be comprimised yet the coilovers continue to perform amazingly.

Value for money?

even though they are expensive, you get what you pay for and i would buy again even if they cost more.

Would you buy again?


Submitted by:

Dan Farleyfrom Chatham, Kent

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Vehicle driven:

Mazda Mx5 Mk1