Honda S2000 – Zeta R suspension review

99-03 S2000 (AP1)

This review covers the both sets of coilovers which Zeta-Rs on both my EP3 Civic and my S2000.
When I bought my first set, I didn’t want the spring rates to be too hard, so I contacted Jerrick through and he arranged for some softer springs to be built up on my coilovers. They arrived in very short time and the completely changed the feel of the car. It was more planted on the road, the ride was more supple than the standard suspension and less rattly. But I got bored of the EP3 and moved on to an S2000 which I bought another set of MeisterRs almost immediately. Jerrick has to be one of the best people I’ve dealt with, he’s fast in answering emails, knowledgable and when I met him at Mimms ’13 he was the nicest guy! So a big thanks to him and everyone at MeisterR, you’ll certainly be getting my custom again when the time comes.

Performance on road?

On the road I have the damping turned down almost the softest setting because they absorb every bump and take out the horrible jars from the bar road surfaces around my area. That said, even on the softest setttings the car feels planted in coners and doesn’t have much body roll. I guess this is more to do with the springs but they are just very comfy coilovers to use on a daily basis and if I am going somewhere for a hoon where I know the roads are decent I just dial them up a few notches to a harder damping setting and the feel is completely transformed and everything tightens up.

Performance on Track?

I’ve not had the chance to use these in anger on the track which I’m meaning to do at some point this year.

Value for money?

For the quality of the product, they’re fantastic value for money. They’ve been on the car for a year now, covered over 12,000miles and the closest they’ve come to being cleaned is the spray from motorway driving. They were protected when installed with some ACF50 and when I came to adjust them I gave them a quick brush off and they were cleaned up like new and still easy to adjust. Their dual perch design also means that you can adjust the spring preload as well as the body height which is handy for additional height adjustment and corner weighting.

Would I buy again?

Of course I would. I’ve already owned two sets and they’ve been trouble free and performed excellently.

Submitted by:

Matt from Norwich

Product reviewed:

Zeta-R 10kg springs

Vehicle driven:

Honda S2000(and previously an EP3, both with MeisterRs)