Honda Integra SI Coilover Review

How is the performance on the road?

I found the recommended dampening setting to soft for my liking, once stiffened up a little the car feels very stable and much more capable then before, the build quality is good there’s no crashing noises over bumps like with cheaper coilovers, and they are comfortable for daily driving

How is the performance on the track?

Have not ever tracked the car so can’t comment

Value for money?

9/10 well priced compared to there competitors, and were able to advise correctly on fitment where other companies were unsure.

Would you buy again?

Yes, very happy with there performance so far nice usability on the adjustment, came with everything required which made fitting simple.

Submitted by:

Marc C. from UK

Product reviewed:

Zeta-S (EG spec)

Vehicle driven:

Honda Integra SI