Honda Integra DC5 Zeta R suspension review

The stand out part of the MeisterR experience for me, has always been the fantastic customer service. I™ve dealt with Jerrick before, and he’s always been on hand to help out and offer advice. This time I dealt with Edwin, who went above and beyond the call of duty to reply to my questions, even out with working hours. Top job guys, keep it up!

Performance on road?

On the road they are firm, but no overly so. Plenty adjustment in the damping to allow for daily driving, even on the rough roads on Northern Scotland.

Performance on Track?

Very good on track! I’ve used them twice on track currently. First at Oulton Park in the wet. Damping set to 25 clicks from soft and everything was fine. Second outing was at Knockhill in the dry. I pushed them a lot further this time, full stiff for the whole day. Body control was fantastic, but with my car being quite low there was a little rubbing on the arch liners (only over bigger bumps). On the limit they are nice and predictable.

Value for money?

Excellent value for money. I know from experince on previous cars that they are a quality item that will last many years. There aren™t many kits out there that can truly claim to be a good compromise between road and track, but MeisterR have achieved just that.

Would I buy again?

As a previous customer, I have, and would buy again without a doubt

Submitted by:

Martin (martinj46) from Aberdeen

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Vehicle driven:

Honda Intrgra DC5