Honda Integra DC2- Zeta R suspension review

94-01 Integra (DC2)

Jerrick has been very helpful working with me as a customer to get the right spring rate for my application.

Performance on Road?

Original spring rate was much too high (12/10kg) but Jerrick and I settled on a softer spring rate which works great on my particular car (8/6kg). Also running full hardrace bush kit, camber arms front and rear and control arms rear and multi-adjustable whiteline uprated ARBs front and rear. The car has been used all over europe – alpine roads, corsica, germany etc – setup at standard ride height with an aggressive geo (toe out front and rear). optimised for traction with standard wheel/tyres, the zeta-r’s offer a good range of dampening adjustment and the height adjustment is clever allowing seperate ride height and spring preload. Could do with slightly longer bodies at the rear for those that want to run ‘stock’ ride height as they are right up at the top of adjustment and have to run some pre-load.

Performance on Track?

The car has been used at circuits all over the UK and the nurburgring. The ‘ring is notorious for wrecking dampers (my OEM dampers overheated and failed at the ‘ring) but the Zetas coped well with constant lapping. with a softer spring rate, they worked very well with the challanging surface and allowed early throttle application on the exit of corners and kept the front wheels hooked up. Very stable under braking over bumps.

Value for Money?

Very well priced, with a good selection of options (top mounts, spring rates etc)

Would you buy again?


Submitted by:

Paul from London

Product reviewed:

Zeta-R with 8/6kg springs

Vehicle driven:

Honda Integra DC2 Type-R