Honda CRX VT B18 Coilover Review

I have had a few Suspension setups, from Spring/Shock combos, to fully adjustable coilovers. On the whole I am very happy with the MeisterR setup. The ride quality is fantastic without being too harsh. I love the adjustability.Dont forget to buy your Camber adjusters and get a full wheel alignment done to get the most out of your suspension.

How is the performance on the road?

Fantastic Road Shocks without being too harsh

How is the performance on the track?

Being able to adjust the stiffness, allows you to really dial these in for track

Value for money?

I was very please the the quality of the shocks and the aftercare.

Would you buy again?

I have had my MeisterR Setup for nearly 3years and am really pleased with them. I would definitely buy these again if I had to build another CRX.

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Hadtstec from Bracknell, UK

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Vehicle driven:

Honda CRX VT B18