Honda CRX VT B16 – Zeta S suspension review

Overall, I have been impressed with The Meisters. They are still in excellent condition, and haven’t shown any signs of corrosion on the dampers or springs to date. They are easy to adjust at the top of each strut. I haven’t played around with adjusting height much yet but plan to experiment this year when on track days.

Performance on road?

I find the Zeta S coilovers to be very forgiving on Yorkshires pot holed roads on the soft setting, and although my car is very raw/caged etc, it hasn’t shaken my teeth out to date!

Performance on Track?

I have been to several UK circuits, and can honestly say the car handles fantastically well on the hard track settings, with minimal bodyroll. The 32 positon damp/rebound settings allow you to experiment for optimal handling. Wet track days are dealt with by winding the settings back to softer damping to minimise disappearing off the grey stuff!

Value for money?

Excellent value for money compared to other coil overs on the market.

Would I buy again?

Yes, I would probably upgrade to Zeta R to see what difference they make to the car.

Submitted by:

Chris Brogen aka crxracer from North Yorkshire

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Honda CRX VT b16 n/a