Honda CL1 Accord Euro R Coilover Review

How is performance on the road?

My car was on Mugen 5 way adjustable dampers when i got it, in comparison to these the MeisterR’s perform to a similar level with more adjust ability in both damping and ride height.

The non adjustable ride height on the Mugen’s were why i swapped them out but was a worthwhile decision. They cope very well with the weight of the Accord, and also with my usual driving routes along country B roads, or on the motorway. With a few clicks they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, currently running with 12 clicks on the front and 8 on the rear.

How is the performance on the track?

Cant comment as i am yet to go on track but would see them as being more than able.

Value for money?

Great value for money with the £100 off at the time and also the customer service that Jerrick provides.

Would you buy again?

For sure, i had the Zeta-R on my old Dc2 and was the reason why i swayed towards MeisterR again for the Accord after looking into other options.

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Sandycheeks from Cirencester

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Honda CL1 Accord Euro R