Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

 If you are thinking about changing the suspension set up of your Civic MB6, or any other Civic M’ model, I’d strongly recommend you buy these. Save time and money trying other set up’s, and go for the Zeta S! You won’t be disappointed!

Performance on road?

From start to finish, these Zeta S coilovers were easy to fit. I was a bit concerned about how they would affect the cars comfort levels at first, but I needn’t have worried! With 32 settings for stiffness, even with them set at their current setting of 20, they are amazingly comfortable, even on the roughest roads (which there are a lot of around here!). I would even go as far as to say they are as comfortable, if not better, than the standard suspension. If set to 1, they would be as near to oem settings as you can get.

Out on the road, I got the biggest shock. The handling of the car is truely transformed! Nose dive under breaking, which these civics are notorious for, is eliminated! cornering wise, there is no body roll, and the car is so planted through the bends you come out of each corner felling you could have went round even quicker! This not only makes the car nicer to drive, but the increased grip also makes the car a lot safer on the road too. We have fitted them and gone for around an inch drop at the front, slightly less at the rear. Stiffness/softness settings are currently set at 20 front, and 18 rear. This is the first setting we have tried, and the car is perfect! It might be going lower still, and with more tuning of ther settings, I imagine the ride/handling will be the best you can get.

The car was meant to be being kept in the garage as a show car, only used now and again. But the first few days after fitting these, I was using the car for work and every single trip out! It is just so much fun to drive!

Quality is also amazing, and a lot of thought has gone into the smallest details in the design of them.

Value for money?

Value for money, they may seem expensive, but for the performance and quality, you won’t find a cheaper set up tha’s anywhere near as good.

Would I buy again?

I’d definitely buy them again, and will be for my wife’s Civic Aerodeck!

Submitted by:

Dave from East Lothian

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic 1.8VTi MB6