Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

I would highly recommend these to anybody wanting the great look and handling performance of lowering but the quality and comfort you desire during day to day driving! On the motorway they are so comfortable you’ll forget you’ve got these fitted and on the A roads you’ll be glad you do!

Performance on road?

Brilliant! Not at all crashy on the various lumps and bumps the British roads have to offer! So comfortable as well, my first drive on these were from Nottingham to Edinburgh and back in the same day and I can happily report that I do NOT need to see a Chiropractor afterwards! Even with a 60-70mm drop I can still get over speed bumps without beaching the car!

Performance on Track?


Value for money?

You get what you pay for, these were well worth the cost in my opinion! I hope to see many years of service!

Would I buy again?

In a heartbeat!

Submitted by:

Krzys from Nottingham

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic 1.8 VTi-S