Honda Civic Type R (EP3) Coilover Review

How does it perform on the road?

Road performance with these coilovers is great, the spring rates aren’t too hard as to break your back over every little bump but still provide a good road handling. The damping adjustment makes a big difference, I’ve found turning it down to around the 10 click range gives a fairly smooth ride and doesn’t upset the car over rough surfaces.

How does it perform on the track?

I am just due to do my 6th track day on these coilovers which have been great every time. Turning the damping up really stiffens up the response of the coilovers coupled with the rest of my suspension mods gives the car good handling. The front camber adjustment on the top of the struts allows a wide range of camber adjustment in my case up to 2.5degrees each side. With my engine being standard power wise I rely on handling to keep up with the more powerful cars and these coilovers are a key part of that set up.

Value for money?

I would say these coilovers are good value for money, I have had mine on for over two years (15k miles) and they are still in great condition. None of the threads on the body have got corroded from the road salt and all the paint is in good condition. Also the dampers themselves show no sign of leaks or wear, the shaft looks brand new thanks to the protective dust boot. After fitting cheap ‘ebay’ coilovers to a friends civic the quality difference between the two was very clear and they don’t look great after one winter!

Would you buy again?

Definitely, I am even considering upgrading to the more track focused ‘super race’ coilovers.

I would just like to say that MeisterR’s customer service is very good, any questions I had was answered quickly and were very helpful including back when I first ordered them keeping me updated on the ETA.

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EPGhost from Leicester

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Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic Type R (EP3).