Honda Civic MB – Zeta S suspension review

Great service all round. Can’t complain and extremely easy to set up and use.

Performance on road?

have been using these for nearly 2 years now on road and they’re great. The 32 damping settings can help you set up how you like your ride to be. As I like no arch gap and the roads I drive on aren’t the best I use the highest setting all the time, So rock solid.

Performance on track?

I haven’t picked up the courage to take my pride and joy on track but for blasting around on roads they handle well. Even for my estate car.

Value for money?

they are quite expensive but to get a decent set of shocks or car parts you gotta pay the money. But looking at other coilovers, They are about the same price and meister seem to have the must have concept with them and of course excellent customer service!!

Would I buy again?

yes I would buy again without a doubt. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by:

Alex Chandler from Stroud, Gloucestershire

Product reviewed:


Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic Aerodeck MC1