Honda Civic EG6 Coilover Review

I have recommended these to many people in my country and everyone that have been in my car when driving it hard have been really impressed on the performance of the suspension.

How is the performance on road?

Smooth, not too harsh for daily driving.

How is the performance on the track?

Really nice and balanced, taken these to trackdays four times and compared to my friends Cusco Zero2 there isn’t basicly any difference, they perform equally.

Value for money?

9/10, my coilovers are around three(?) years old, from the first patch and they are showing some rust on bottom parts and the threads. Also the dust covers are gone at rear. Other than that they work like new!

Would you buy again?

Yes. I think it’s best value for your money and service was top quality when I pumbed into problems.

Submitted by:

Nikde from Finland

Product reviewed:

DCS Zeta, first model that came out, 10/8kg springs if I remember right?

Vehicle driven:

Honda Civic EG6.