Eunos Roadster VR-Ltd Combination A Coilover Review

When I bought my roadster 6 months ago the main thing that needed fixing was the woefully bad Bilstein suspension. The dampers were really tired, and at anything over about 60 mph the car was skittish, didn’t track well, and actually felt dangerous…

My rule of thumb with the car is that anything that needs replacing should be changed for the best I can afford rather than go for standard replacements, so I got searching the forums (mainly Pistonheads) for advice and recommendations¬† Two makes stood out, the Zeta-S’s and Gaz Pro, with the Zeta-S’s ahead maybe 70%/30%, and not a bad word to say about them apart from maybe there were a wee bit expensive. But as they were getting such good reviews and as there was a group buy available I decided to go with the Zetas.

It was deffo the right decision, the car was transformed! It tracked straight and true, felt composed and planted, and the ride quality was vastly better. The car had come alive, and was fun rather than scary when cracking on…

The other great thing is that the 4×4 look was gone – I wanted the car to be low, but still practical, and I think the ride height compromise is perfect for my type of driving. (Fast Reasonably quick road use!)

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Schmeeky from Carlisle, Cumbria

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1996 Eunos Roadster VR-Ltd Combination A