Believe the hype

I bought this set of coilover due to its price, customer service, and reviews from other users. I wanted to get rid of the massive wheel gap and reduce the body roll. These coilovers met and exceeded my expectations! I was expecting the ride to be much harsher due to stiffer spring rates than stock however to my pleasant surprise, these ride just as smooth as stock. Obviously speed bumps you would need to slow down a bit more but that is a good habit anyways as thats why they were placed there in the first place. I am able to take turns at speeds (safely) much quicker than before thanks to the greatly reduced body roll. Overall I highly recommend these and wish I got these earlier! I am currently running 9 clicks from full hard in the front and 12 clicks from full hard in back. I may even get it a bit stiffer…I was thinking I would be in the 20 clicks from hard range however these coilovers are pretty much magic.

Submitted by:

Nathan Leung

Product reviewed:

Zeta CRD

Vehicle driven:

Mazda MX-5 GT