Honda Integra DC2 – Zeta R suspension review

“maybe offer the fork type option at point of sale as no i have the eyelet type its alot harder to find rear control arms to match” Performance on road? “on a soft setting the zeta r’s preform the same as standard dampers on the road, comfy and but not too much body roll. on a harder setting the handle very well but pot holes and bumps are a bit of harsh with the solid top mounts but that doesn’t really bother me too much, the height range for a track based coilover is excellent. i’ve had mine on my

Honda Civic EJ9 – Zeta S suspension review

” Not only did i receive good coilovers, i also was able to receive quick detailed advice from jerrick. The product sold itself, but to receive on the spot help it was great.” Performance on road? “Very good, at first they were preety bumpy but a little adjustment made them spot on. Easy to adjust, although at one point they did become preety stif but a bit of lithium grease and some muscle they were loose and easy to adjust. They were able to go preety low! I could barely get my foot under the front lip and they still had

Honda S2000 – Zeta R suspension review

  “Plenty of adjustment, can be super comfy or super hard, super high or super low! Fitted just over a year and a half now, adjusters still move freely but springs are looking a little worse for wear. Purely cosmentic though.” Performance on road? “Easy to get to adjusters make it easy to set soft.” Performance on Track? “Spot on, easy to play with and adjust to get optimal settings” Value for money? “Yep! BC and Gaz were dearer and haven’t read as many good reviews” Would I buy again? “Yes” Flybikeslee from North West
Car Make and Model:

Honda S2000 – Zeta R suspension review

99-03 S2000 (AP1)

“This review covers the both sets of coilovers which Zeta-Rs on both my EP3 Civic and my S2000.
When I bought my first set, I didn’t want the spring rates to be too hard, so I contacted Jerrick through and he arranged for some softer springs to be built up on my coilovers. They arrived in very short time and the completely changed the feel of the car. It was more planted on the road, the ride was more supple than the standard suspension and less rattly. But I got bored of the EP3 and moved on to

Honda Integra 4dr – Zeta S suspension review

  “Construction seems to be of a very high quality and the bushes still look factory fresh at 18 months old. Looking forward to the years of trouble free Meister-R motoring ahead.” Performance on road? “Fantastic feel, sensitive fine damper adjustment and simple DIY installation. Better than the half a dozen other coilovers I’ve owned previously (including D2, TEIN, ST-suspensions, Eibach). Mated with top end road tyres this suspension gives me a lot of confidence when it comes to handling and control.” Performance on Track? “Yet to take the car on track, but this will change over the coming months.”

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

Performance on road? “Very smooth on the road, most of the time i run them at 4 clicks on the front 3 on the rear, some of roads are shocking in Sheffield. Obviously they’re not as compliant than new standard dampers and springs but the ride is very comfortable.” Performance on Track? “They seem very good, run them at 8 clicks front and 7 clicks rear in the wet, stiffer dampening in the dry. Really impressed with the performance, a huge leap forward from standard dampers and lowering springs.” Value for money? “They are the only coilovers I’ve purchased but

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

“They are so much better than the standard bilsteins that they replaced, they handle so much better the body roll is reduced to almost zero and surprisingly they are alot more comfortable. oh and they go much lower.” Value for money? “They are quite expensive but no means the most expensive, but they are worth every penny and i have been recommending them to everyone i come across as i strongly believe you cant get better for the money. I would 110% recommend these to other people” Lee Jones from Shropshire
Car Make and Model: Mazda Eunos roadster 1.6

MX5, Starlet, Silvia, 180SX – Zeta S & Zeta R suspension review

  “seriously high end quality, I have never had any corrosion issues even after hard track usage and abuse, I have never had to even speak to meister r about any issues or faults.” Performance on road? “A nice hard ride, puts serious amounts of confidence when cornering at high speeds with no room for error..” Performance on Track? “Perfect performance, my personal taste is do have a slightly harder spring than what was offered in the mx5 however having the shock adjustment was enough to dial in the perfect set up.” Value for money? “They are a good purchase

Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

  “Car looks much better when lowered” Performance on road? “Excellent, firm but compliant ride, reliable with no unexpected wear, handling and grip transformed” Performance on Track? “Not tried yet…about to” Value for money? “Excellent” Would I buy again? “Yes” Simon from Wiltshire
Car Make and Model: Toyota Celica
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R

Honda CRX – Zeta R suspension review

“I’ve had mine fitted since 2012 and they are not corroded and still free to adjust.” Performance on road? “Not used it too much on the road, but when I have, the suspension was compliant enough for the roads about me. Have never tried them in the local McDonalds carpark.” Performance on Track? “They perform great on track, with plenty of adjustment to suit the weather and conditions.” Value for money? “Great value for money. “ Would I buy again? “Yes I would buy again if I’m looking for coilovers.“ Murray Napier from Angus
Car Make and Model: Honda

Honda Civic – Zeta R SuperRace suspension review

“Having bought an EK9, new suspension was the first thing on the wish list. Having spend a long time researching the various sets available and reading endless reviews I decided on the MeisterR SuperRace. I didn’t really mind how stiff they were on the road so long as they would hold their own on track or on spirited drives on smooth tarmac. However everyone, including myself, were surprised at how forgiving the SuperRace actually are on normal roads. The car doesn’t crash over bumps and humps, rather it rolls over them and is quite forgiving considering the spring rates.On track

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

“The handling is so much more compliant than other suspension I have had in the past.  For road use they are perfect, whether cruising or B-road blasting.  With the out-of-the-box ride height, I rarely scrape the road or arches and is found to be just right. For AutoSolo they performed well.  With them on my everyday road setting, body roll was acceptable, but after adjustment, body roll was negligible. Fitted by Skuzzle (in around 50 minutes). Their surface condition was still good after 12 months use through British winters (see pic).” Value for money? “I wouldn’t buy anything else.  I

Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

“I would highly recommend these to anybody wanting the great look and handling performance of lowering but the quality and comfort you desire during day to day driving! On the motorway they are so comfortable you’ll forget you’ve got these fitted and on the A roads you’ll be glad you do!” Performance on road? “Brilliant! Not at all crashy on the various lumps and bumps the British roads have to offer! So comfortable as well, my first drive on these were from Nottingham to Edinburgh and back in the same day and I can happily report that I do NOT

Nissan Skyline GTST & GTR – Zeta R suspension review

William Forrest Snr & Jnr from Scotland

Honda Integra DC5 – Zeta R suspension review

Martin (martinj46) from Aberdeen

Nissan Skyline GTT ER34 – Zeta S suspension review

  “Bought some Zeta-S from Jerrick a couple of weeks ago and had them fitted by Andy from Millers Autocare in Epsom. Been driving around it the car for over a week now and what a massive difference from lowering springs and stock shocks. The Meisters are great, the car looks better, ride isn’t as harsh as I thought it may have been and handling is now awesome.”“Excellent customer service from Jerrick and crew at Meister.” Performance on Road? “Great on the road so far.” Performance on Track? N/A Value for Money? “Yes, can’t complain about the price.” Would you

Nissan 350Z – Zeta R suspension review

  “Fitted a month ago now – Zeta R. – Absolutely brilliant.
Not being a mechanic i fitted myself. Easy to adjust damping so longer journeys make the 350z comfortable. I have really pushed these on track with a few different ride height settings, very easy to adjust also. Good value for money, and quality seems great.  Very pleased.” Panman

Mini – Europa suspension review

  “Disappointed with KW V2(too soft and not easy to fine tune), i was looking for a solution that was more track focused and user friendly, so i found Meister R, read some reviews and i loved it,changed the way the car handles. I have to say that even now(after 2 years), I’m still finding the perfect setup but the more i know, the more i like them! Running 2º in front and 1.50 in the rear!!(dry)”
“I had a crash and i needed support from Jerrick and he was always there. Having someone to talk directly 24/7, instead

Mazda RX8 – Zeta S suspension review

“as for a review well ( Flameshades ) on above post has answered that and must say ( Jerrick ) excellent communication thanks buddy” (see other RX8 review in Testimonials here) James from Leeds.
Car Make and Model: RX8 192.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S.

Honda Civic MB – Zeta S suspension review

  “Great service all round. Can’t complain and extremely easy to set up and use.” Performance on road? “have been using these for nearly 2 years now on road and they’re great. The 32 damping settings can help you set up how you like your ride to be. As I like no arch gap and the roads I drive on aren’t the best I use the highest setting all the time, So rock solid.” Performance on track? “I haven’t picked up the courage to take my pride and joy on track but for blasting around on roads they handle well.

Honda Civic EP3 – Zeta R suspension review

“I have found my Meisters very good, they offer a large range of adjustment and damper settings to suit whatever setup you are going for.” Performance on road? “Mine ride very well, and aren’t too harsh and crashy like some others available… Body roll has been greatly reduced, Grip and turn in is a lot more positive also.. All round a large improvement over OEM” Value for money? “For the quality you get and the price you pay they, id give them a big   “ Would I buy again? “yes” Adam
Car Make and Model: Honda Civic EP3

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

“The customer support is absolutely ace. I’ve been constantly chatting to Jerrick and Edwin through PM’s, trying to figure out the best settings for my needs and to get an understanding of how the system works, what each part does etc. and every time my questions have been answered within a couple of hours and i’ve never been made to feel like I was being stupid or asking a silly question. “ Performance on road? “For road use absolutely spot on, I have mine wound down fairly low and the ride isn’t harsh at all. I’ve really thrown it around

Mazda MX5 NA/NB – Zeta S suspension review

“They’re so good I bought them twice.
Firstly on my old MK2.5 after trying Gaz (bad)  then KYB (good) Meisters (VGood)
and so when I changed back to MK1 it went straight onto Meisters.” Ian from Portishead
Car Make and Model: Mazda MX5 NA
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S

Honda S2000 – Zeta S suspension review

“Really great coilvers, they come complete, incl tophats, bolt etc, after 1 year and 10k kms, they are still great and easy to ajust hight. No rust on the rings. Great color and coating. Still going strong!” Performance on road? “Soft or quite hard is still fine to daily drive them.” Performance on Track? “Haven’t been on the track yet.” Value for money? “worth the money! Like I said, they are complete (not like KW) easy to ajust, and not that extream hard like D2 sets.” Would I buy again? “yes!” Daan aka Delta Lima from Amsterdam
Car Make and

Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

” If you are thinking about changing the suspension set up of your Civic MB6, or any other Civic M’ model, I’d strongly recommend you buy these. Save time and money trying other set up’s, and go for the Zeta S! You won’t be disappointed!” Performance on road? “From start to finish, these Zeta S coilovers were easy to fit. I was a bit concerned about how they would affect the cars comfort levels at first, but I needn’t have worried! With 32 settings for stiffness, even with them set at their current setting of 20, they are amazingly comfortable, even

Honda Civic – Zeta S suspension review

“A great set up, easy to install and setup with exceptional ride quality and handling.” Performance on road? “Fantastic, the amount of settings available mean I can run my car fairly low and still maintain a comfortable ride quality. The handling is so much better than standard, understeer and body roll are greatly reduced. I have had the zeta s’ on for around 9 months now and they are so much easier to live with on a daily basis than my previous upgraded shocks and lowering springs.” Performance on Track? “Untried as yet.” Value for money? “Initially seem expensive but

Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

“I’ve ran these coilovers for about 10K miles now and previously was running stock suspension with the GT lowering springs (all standard toyota on the GT model). These coilovers improve the handling compared to stock, improve the look (as everyone knows that low is better!), and make the ride much more comfortable! I was honestly surprised how much nicer these are compared to stock, even on the lowest setting. Never tracked the car but setting the coilovers to the hardest setting seems to make the country roads a breeze. Love these and would highly recommend, price point is perfect and

Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

“After purchasing these coilovers initially to accommodate my wide 9.5J rims, I was blown away by the improvement in handling and also pleasantly surprised with the compromise in comfort, nowhere near as harsh as I thought they would be bearing in mind I have my car on the lowest setting on the rear. On the road performance is greatly increased and I can now push the car much much further. I have yet to experience track use but can imagine they would perform better still on a smoother surface.
Value for money was very good and one of the

Toyota Celica – Zeta R suspension review

“Having owned two gen 7 Celica’s before I was on the lookout for another. When I saw this one for sale it was listed with the Meister R Zeta-R coilovers fitted which made my choice very easy. Having run on standard shocks and Apex lowering springs on my previous gen 7 the difference in ride and handling is worlds apart. Smoother ride and sharper in the corners with the optional ride dampening adjustment can be set to suit your current road conditions. I would highly recommend any one who can afford these to get them without hesitation. The costs seem

Suzuki Swift – Zeta S suspension review

Performance on road? “The coilovers are quite hard on the road, but that’s what you would expect, especially as I currently have the damping level at 16/32. However it is not uncomfortable in the car and only crashy over broken surfaces or potholes, when normal suspension wouldn’t fair much better. These coilovers are possibly one of the best modifications you can do to a Swift. The steering becomes less vague, and the chassis as a whole feels more tight, giving you more confidence in the car. Body roll is much reduced which helps keeps you in your seat and also

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

“For a long time I was very sceptical of the Meister R products, from the early days and Jerrick’s involvement on the CRX-UK forum it was hard to argue with his enthusiasm and aspirations of providing quality, well-developed suspension at affordable prices, but for me the only things I would be putting on my car were those made by race and time-proven manufacturers such as Bilstein and Eibach. Over a few years the Meister R coilovers seemed to be growing in popularity and receiving good feedback, but still I was dubious, I expected the units to fail the test of

Toyota Glanza – Zeta R suspension review

“Excellent back up advice at the drop of an e-mail or call, would not use any other coilover” Performance on road? “I have run them for the last 18 months, performance on the road, excellent progressive performance, absorbing road imperfections without jolting the car, the car holds a nice settled line through the bends, the shocks themselves being smooth and progressive, best move away from previous shocks and springs which were to harsh on UK roads, fully adjustable for height,damping and camber,  as well as the bling factor :)” Performance on Track? “As above” Value for money? “Excellent value for

Nissan 300ZX TT – Zeta S suspension review

“Great customer service answered all my questions in a timely matter. I requested a set that would give me a big drop and got just that. Thanks! 🙂 So far so good. Happy With purchase greatly improved handling from previous set. I wanted to lower my car as much as possible and I’m happy with the stance that it is currently at and it can go lower!” Performance on road? “Dampers adjusted to hardest setting. Does what it should do. Feels like a go kart on the road. Good grip and improved handling. Really sticks to the road!” Performance on

Toyota Glanza – Zeta R suspension review

Performance on road? “I have been running the coilovers for the past 18 Months now and cannot fault them, on the road they take the ride excellent. They’re not too harsh/stiff which allows the bumps on the road to be absorbed, keeping the tyres in contact with the ground to maintain grip.” Performance on Track? “Since having the coilovers, I have attended various track days and plan on competing in the Toyota Sprint Series for the 2014 season. I have found the coilovers to perform very well out on track. In conjunction with an updated rear anti-roll bar, the car

Honda CRX VT B16 – Zeta S suspension review

“Overall, I have been impressed with The Meisters. They are still in excellent condition, and haven’t shown any signs of corrosion on the dampers or springs to date. They are easy to adjust at the top of each strut. I haven’t played around with adjusting height much yet but plan to experiment this year when on track days.” Performance on road? “I find the Zeta S coilovers to be very forgiving on Yorkshires pot holed roads on the soft setting, and although my car is very raw/caged etc, it hasn’t shaken my teeth out to date!” Performance on Track? “I

Toyota Celica T-Sport – Zeta R suspension review

  “Iv had these on for more than a year now, perfomance has been brilliant and although i can’t compare them to other coilovers, i am happy i bought these and got it right first time.” How does it Perform on the Road? “Awesome” How does it Perform on Track? “Never been on track YET but with the way i drive on road i can only imagine it to be 10x as good on track” Value for Money? “Got it while it was on promotion so was very happy with the value” Would you buy again? “Yes” kobir from East

Suzuki Swift Sport – Zeta S review

“Absolute top quality! couldn’t ask for anything more from a set of coilovers, can go impractically low (which i am) and adjust the dampers to suit road conditions and driving style.” How does it perform on the road? “Definitely one of the better brands for coilovers that i’ve used, these have truly stood the test of time, i run them constantly rock solid and they still handle immensely! car has been in two front collisions and both front struts are still perfectly straight which truly surprised me!” How does it perform on track? “unfortunately i haven’t used them on track

Suziki Swift 1.3 – Zeta R Coilover review

“Fantastic kit for the Swift! Only thing I would like is to be able to go lower…but in all honestly any lower and I’d be smashing into everything so I guess thats not a bad thing!” How does it perform on the road? “Been on 3 months and very impressed with them! Firm but not uncomfortable and of course there adjustable anyway, doesn’t get unsettled too much by bumps and handles fantastically! By far the best coilovers I’ve ever experienced on any car.” How does it perform on the track? “Never been on a track but I’m sure they’ll be

Mazda RX7 – Zeta R Coilover review

“After some emails bouncing back and forth with Jerrick I decided on purchasing the zeta R Coilovers . Through friends on the glanza and Honda circles who swore great things and after first hand experience in a highly tuned glanza swapping out £1800 TRD suspension for the MeisterR replacements. What a massive improvement In handing UK roads and I was genuinely very impressed. Back to my fd experience, fitting was straight forward and I set the damping adjustment to the middle setting 16. The front once fitted were far to low and left about 4mm from arch to tyre. We

Subaru Legacy RS – Zeta R suspension review

“Without a shadow of doubt these have been the best buy for my car. Great value for money, easy to fit, easy to adjust and they even look great! I would and have recommended this set to anyone. Great product and great serivce from Jerrick.” Bip, from Coventry.
Car Make and Model: Subaru Legacy RS BD5C.
MeisterR Coilovers Model:  Zeta-R.

Mazda RX8 231 – Zeta S Coilover Review

“When I was looking for coil overs there are all kinds of things on the market, and blurb you read, Jerrick From MeisterR was the only person that was able to answer all the questions I had. Even then he advised me of things that I hadn’t even asked about, nothing says quality to me quite like someone knowing what they are selling, I placed my order and the next day there was a knock on the door, there was a little man with a rather large box….(get your mind out the gutter) Inside was a set of very shiny

Honda Civic EJ6 – Zeta S Coilover Review

Great performance from the get go, they’ve been on the car for more than 2 years now and I’m still as happy with them as I was on the day I fitted them. Cope really well with the deteriorating UK roads, not bone-shakingly stiff (even on the harshest setting) or bouncy, unlike some other coilovers I have experienced. I’ve never been on a track, although I imagine they’d feel even better, without the potholes etc. Value wise, they’re spot on, no scene tax for being “JDM as phuck”.. If you’re after a set of coilovers that do what they say

Honda Civic EJ9 – Zeta R Coilover Review

  “I ran these for four years on my k powered civic, covering thousands of miles, they never missed a beat, this was through vigorous use on track and on normal bumpy English roads! I personally cannot recommend these enough.” Performance on Road? “perfect, smooth yet hard and stable when your having some spirited driving.” Performance on Track? “on track, these were awesome, far superior to other suspension I have used in the past. easy for anyone to adjust the settings to the conditions/surface as appropriate. Value for Money? “awesome, the only way you could beet them is to get

Honda Integra DC5 – Zeta R Coilover Review

                  “I have been dealing with MeisterR for a good few years now, through my job, and through my personal car’s. The quality of their products is far superior to other similar items on the market, and this is talking from first hand experience. MeisterR is a brilliant company, with great customer care, which you simply don’t get nowaday’s, not to mention, even better products!” Performance on Road? “for suspension that was developed for track car’s, they are pleasantly comfortable on the open road, even considering there is nothing in

Honda CRX VT B18 – Zeta R Coilover Review

                  “Jerrick has always been a pleasure to deal with – Daz @ Endless Horizon set mine up to suit the car very well too” Performance on Road? “Not harsh at all and the adjustability means you can adjust these to suit the roads in your area” Performance on Track? “Allowed the car to handle brilliantly around track compared to the previous shock/lowering springs setup” Value for Money? “Very good value and great quality” Would you buy again? “Definitely” Mo aka crx flex from Bury
Car Make and Model: Honda CRX

Honda Integra DC2 – Zeta R suspension review

“Would like to lower my car more and have same stiffness, what I want to say is I want a set of MeisterR Zeta-r super low” Performance on Road? “Really stiff suspension, after driving standard MB1 civic I couldn’t believe that on softest position these would be so stiff.” Performance on Track? “Superb suspension, car stands on the track like a kart with almost no body roll.” Value for Money? “Considering the price of this joy, they are really cheap as these coilovers work superb.” Would you buy again? “Hell yeah!” Mozeee from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Car Make and Model:

Honda Integra DC2 – SuperRace suspension review

“Excellent product at a good price, not sure why you buy anything else to be honest” Performance on road? “Not really designed for the road but are quite bareable really. No crashiness or clunking etc.. Probably not a good idea for a daily commute.”   Performance on track? “Not been on track with these yet but I’m expecting them to be excellent. 2 track days booked for next month so should know more after them.” Value for money? “9/10 at the moment as I’ve not been on track with them yet. If I’m happy with them (which I’m sure I will

Honda Integra DC2- Zeta R suspension review

94-01 Integra (DC2)

“Jerrick has been very helpful working with me as a customer to get the right spring rate for my application.” Performance on Road? “Original spring rate was much too high (12/10kg) but Jerrick and I settled on a softer spring rate which works great on my particular car (8/6kg). Also running full hardrace bush kit, camber arms front and rear and control arms rear and multi-adjustable whiteline uprated ARBs front and rear. The car has been used all over europe – alpine roads, corsica, germany etc – setup at standard ride height with an aggressive geo (toe out front and

Honda Civic FD2 – Zeta R suspension review

Performance on Road? “Superb. I live up in the N Pennies with fast moorland roads than are also (unfortunately) very bumpy and potholed. The Zeta Rs perform excellently, giving me far less torque steer, better traction, more steering precision and much more comfort than the previous coilovers (AST) I had previously and which also cost nearly 3 times as much! Also, they appear to be extremely robust and standing up the hard conditions very well.” Performance on Track? “During a recent trackday at Cadwell Park, they performed extremely well. Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to properly experiment with

Honda Civic FK2 – Zeta R suspension review

  “1.stiff adjustment is uncomfortable for rear seat passengers 2. the red colour in rear spring is peeling off… (my coilovers are 2 years old).” Performance on Road? “stiff adjustment-love it! by far faster turns!!!” Performance on Track? “who knows?” Value for Money? “the best buy I ever done for my fk2!” Would you buy again? “sorry, no more money for pleasure in Greece” BLACK BEAUTY from Samos (Greek island/ lots of turns, quite good pavement).
Car Make and Model: Honda Civic 5d.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R.

Honda Civic FK2 – Zeta R suspension review

  “Overall the car lowered by 15mm without preloading the springs.
The coilovers adjusted to full soft and remained as is for about 2000Km in order to reach their best performance. Then re-adjusted and finally set to front: 15, rear: 12 which is excellent for my needs.” Performance on Road? “Excellent. The car, compared to the OEM suspension, is stiffer but not hard, noises & knocks from the original suspension disappeared and car feels far more assured. Also body roll decreased significantly.” Performance on Track? “Not tested till now.” Value for Money? “Excellent.” Would you buy again? “Yes” Panosm

Mazda MX5 NC – Zeta S suspension review

Personal note “Driven not detailed  You may not be aware of the brand, but you soon will be.” Performance on road? “before I fitted the MeisterR’s I decided to get the lowering springs.
What a waste of money they were, yes it looked aesthetically pleasing but was like still being in a boat on the road.
The ZetaS allow you to attack your favourite roads no matter how bad the surface, staying flat & in control.” Performance on track? “my car now comes alive, no more pitching from side to side, wallowing up & down.

Mazda MX5 NA – Zeta S suspension review

“I’d tried a couple of other set ups but just wasn’t happy. I bought some Buddyclub suspension but that was so rigid i’m sure my tires flexed more than the actual suspension movement.
I then Seen the group buy going on here so decided to just go for it as i had had the Meisters previously on a Tommy Mac Evo 5.5.The big day arrived and i opened the box to behold the black and red gold inside. They are so beautifully made. right down to the finest detail. and look lovely in black and anodized red.

Mazda MX5 – Zeta S suspension review

 “Had trouble justifying splashing out all the money in one go for a set of Meisters. Spent ages watching eBay. Went through all the permutations for shocks and springs, lowering, standard, adjustable. Koni, KyB standard, spax. You name it I looked at it and costed it out. In the end there was very little difference in overall cost, ignoring the real cheap crap out there. Everyone said Meisters were good so when the group buy came up I jumped at them. Fitted them within 2 hours of receiving them. Love them. Only use them on the road but handling is

Nissan Skyline GTR R32 – Zeta R suspension review

  “I am so happy with the Zeta-R that I have not been interested in removing them for the new MeisterR suspension that has just come out. If something aint broke then you dont fix it in my book, but the new stuff is well, see for yourself really but again another work of art that is phenomenal!” Performance on Road? “You can really feel the difference on either the Zeta-S or the Zeta-R when you change the adjustment even by a few clicks. By trial and error in a short space of time its easy to identify how you

Nissan S15 – GT1 high performance coilovers

“MeisterR Suspension has drastically improved the performance of my car. It went from being a really uncomfortable car to drive, to something that I enjoy and drive everyday. I would thoroughly recommend it.” How does it perform on the road? “I am running the MeisterR GT1 suspension on the S15. I removed the HKS Pro spec drift suspension in favour of the MeisterR suspension. A lot of people follow big brands like TEIN or HKS, but they are designed for Japanese roads. MeisterR performs excellently on UK roads with spring rates to suit. I use the S15 everyday

Honda Integra Coilover Review

How is the performance on the road? The coilovers provide a great comprimise between handling and comfort (I run 8 clicks from Soft on the front, and 5 clicks from soft on the rear). I remember how body roll was instantly reduced when I fitted the fronts, and generally they cope very well, especially with the bumpy roads that London has to offer! How is the performance on the track? Can’t comment as I have yet to test them on track. Value for money? Excellent value for money having considered adjustability and build quality. Would you buy again? Yes MrLatif

MrLatif from London

Honda CRX VT B18 Coilover Review

I have had a few Suspension setups, from Spring/Shock combos, to fully adjustable coilovers. On the whole I am very happy with the MeisterR setup. The ride quality is fantastic without being too harsh. I love the adjustability.Dont forget to buy your Camber adjusters and get a full wheel alignment done to get the most out of your suspension. How is the performance on the road? Fantastic Road Shocks without being too harsh How is the performance on the track? Being able to adjust the stiffness, allows you to really dial these in for track Value for money? I was

Honda Civic EE9 Coilover Review

Very helpful team How is the performance on the road? 9/10 How is the performance on the track? 9/10 Value for money? 9/10 (would be 10/10 if they were at ‘old’ price ~£500) Would you buy again? Yes, on my future Honda’s Fiddy from Isle of Wight
Car Make and Model: 1990 Honda Civic EE9.
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-S.

Honda Civic EG6 Coilover Review

I have recommended these to many people in my country and everyone that have been in my car when driving it hard have been really impressed on the performance of the suspension. How is the performance on road? Smooth, not too harsh for daily driving. How is the performance on the track? Really nice and balanced, taken these to trackdays four times and compared to my friends Cusco Zero2 there isn’t basicly any difference, they perform equally. Value for money? 9/10, my coilovers are around three(?) years old, from the first patch and they are showing some rust on bottom

Honda Integra SI Coilover Review

How is the performance on the road? I found the recommended dampening setting to soft for my liking, once stiffened up a little the car feels very stable and much more capable then before, the build quality is good there’s no crashing noises over bumps like with cheaper coilovers, and they are comfortable for daily driving How is the performance on the track? Have not ever tracked the car so can’t comment Value for money? 9/10 well priced compared to there competitors, and were able to advise correctly on fitment where other companies were unsure. Would you buy again? Yes,

Honda Civic Type R (EP3) Coilover Review

How does it perform on the road? Road performance with these coilovers is great, the spring rates aren’t too hard as to break your back over every little bump but still provide a good road handling. The damping adjustment makes a big difference, I’ve found turning it down to around the 10 click range gives a fairly smooth ride and doesn’t upset the car over rough surfaces. How does it perform on the track? I am just due to do my 6th track day on these coilovers which have been great every time. Turning the damping up really stiffens up

Honda Civic Type R Coilover Review

  I’ve heard good reviews from forum members and friends regarding the zeta r, so I thought I would give their new (track) coilover ago. I purchased the supperace as the uprated damping and higher spring rates would be perfect for track time the ek9 will be seeing. First thought of the coilovers are they are a great build quality and look awesome. After fitting them they have been perfect, not crashy or bouncy they are perfect!! the perfect test will be when i go to Nurburgring in July, but if they are anything like they are on the road

Honda Civic R (FN2) Coilover Review

Jerrick’s support is great. Great to deal with and happy to help How is the performance on the road? Excellent! Everything’s adjustable so you can get the ride how you want it. Set on the soft side the ride quality is very reasonable. Set on the stiff side the car handles like it’s on rails; very planted and stable. The compression/rebound damping ratio is well balanced and there’s as much ride height and damping adjustment as you’d ever need. How is the performance on the track? Hope to find out soon Value for money? Can’t be beat IMO Would you

Honda Civic Type R GT (FN2) Coilover Review

Customer support is 2nd to none. I would recommend these Meister R’s products to anyone. How is the performance on the road? Having previously had another brand of coilovers fitted to my FN2 I was really surprised how good the Meister R coilovers were. The range of adjustment has allowed me to get what the manufacturer never provided on the standard suspension, a comfortable ride! The range of adjustment on the suspension allows you to choose between a comfortable and forgiving ride, or for spirited driving stiffer settings that provide better handling and feedback. How is the performance on the

Mazda Mx5 Mk1 Coilover Review

Don’t buy any other coilovers until you have had meisterr’s i have been in everything from 200sx’s to bmw’s and mx5’s with meisterr coilovers and they have all been amazing and the owners consistently amazed with the quality and performance of the coilovers. How is the performance on the road? fantastic, even on harder settings the coilovers handle bumps and potholes fine even when wound down to silly low as they are on my car. car is comfortable yet composed at all times wether it is around town or cruising down the motorway. How is the performance on the track?

Eunos Roadster VR-Ltd Combination A Coilover Review

When I bought my roadster 6 months ago the main thing that needed fixing was the woefully bad Bilstein suspension. The dampers were really tired, and at anything over about 60 mph the car was skittish, didn’t track well, and actually felt dangerous…My rule of thumb with the car is that anything that needs replacing should be changed for the best I can afford rather than go for standard replacements, so I got searching the forums (mainly Pistonheads) for advice and recommendations  Two makes stood out, the Zeta-S’s and Gaz Pro, with the Zeta-S’s ahead maybe 70%/30%, and not a

Civic EG Suspension Review

How is performance on the road? 7/10 Value for money? 9/10 Would you buy again? Yes Carl-Brit from Hartlepool UK
Car Make and Model: Civic EG
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R

Honda CL1 Accord Euro R Coilover Review

How is performance on the road? My car was on Mugen 5 way adjustable dampers when i got it, in comparison to these the MeisterR’s perform to a similar level with more adjust ability in both damping and ride height.
The non adjustable ride height on the Mugen’s were why i swapped them out but was a worthwhile decision. They cope very well with the weight of the Accord, and also with my usual driving routes along country B roads, or on the motorway. With a few clicks they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, currently running

Nissan Skyline R33 GTR Coilover Review

How is performance on the road? The UK roads are terrible but they handle the surface well, the softest setting on the dampers is still crashy but on smooth roads there excellent. How is performance on the track? Tested them on the nurburgring and at knockhill and i thought they performed brilliant for the abuse they got. Rebound setting though non adjustable have been set well I didnt even need to turn them all the way up on the bound setting. pring rates at the rear could do with fine tuning, a bit more stiff would be advantageous. Value for

Toyota starlet glanza V Coilover Review

Best set of coilovers I’ve owned in the compromise of track and road use. How is performance on road? Very good on the road, much more compliant ride on UK roads then my previous brand of coilovers, yet still handles so much better. How is the performance on track? This is what I bought my coilovers for, they have taken a pounding on track and stood up to the test for two years now, and provide considerable grip, and made a massive difference to my lap times, and the car is so much more predictable that I can now take

Nissan 300zx Coilover Review

I would like to thank meisterR not just for the fantastic products supplied to me but for the top notch customer service. every time i get in touch i get a very fast friendly reply to all my questions which for me is worth its own weight in gold. THANKYOU. How does it perform on the road? Transformed the car on the road, gave much more rear end grip in the wet and actually gave me some confidance in the car in fast corners How does it perform on the track? on track these really came into their own, i

Nissan 300ZX TT Coilover Review

How is performance on the road? Excellent, very comfortable still, whilst performing excellently. How is performance on the track? Very very good, only had one attempt and weren’t set right, but more to come 🙂 Value for money? Unbeatable Would you buy again? Definitely Mr HollowPoint from Doncaster
Car Make and Model: Nissan 300ZX TT
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R

Nissan 350z – Zeta S Coilover review

“through recommendation by Darren (Darren-B.), I made the purchase of a used set. The pictures below how good they were even used. They’ve been fantastic over the last 12 months and feel true and positive. Responsive yet superb value for money. Not a bad word to say, plus they look great.” How does it perform on the road? “fantastic, adaptable to any condition and provide not just a soft ride but firm and positive.” Value for money? “Yes” Would you buy again? “Yes” Wasso from Birmingham.
Car Make and Model: Nissan 350z 2006.
MeisterR Coilover Model: Zeta S.

Mitsubishi EVO 9 – Zeta R Coilover review

“fantastic quailty, great value and they match my colour scheme as a bonus”
How does it perform on the road? “once adjusted they offer similar ride to factory with more options for ride height and damping.” How does it perform on the track?: “will update” Value for money? “10/10” Would you buy again? “yes” Any personal note: “surprisingly easy to fit and adjust” Toastie from Hampshire.
Car Make and Model: Mitsubishi evo9 .
MeisterR Coilovers Model: Zeta-R.

Honda Integra DC5 – Zeta R suspension review

The stand out part of the MeisterR experience for me, has always been the fantastic customer service. I’ve dealt with Jerrick before, and he’s always been on hand to help out and offer advice. This time I dealt with Edwin, who went above and beyond the call of duty to reply to my questions, even out with working hours. Top job guys, keep it up!”
Performance on road?
“On the road they are firm, but no overly so. Plenty adjustment in the damping to allow for daily driving, even on the rough roads on Northern Scotland.” Performance on

Martin (martinj46) from Aberdeen

Nissan Skyline GTST & GTR – MeisterR suspension review

Performance on road? “Although our cars are mainly used in track the GTR does get the occasional road outing. The coilovers cope well on the road when softened and provide a comfy ride.” Performance on Track? “Both of our cars are used regularly on track and we cannot fault the performance of the MeisterR Coilovers. The set for the GTR was purchased after we were impressed with he price and performance of the set on our Skyline GTST” Value for money? “Very good, provide good performance with a reasonable price tag.” Would I buy again? “Yes” William Forrest Snr &

William Forrest Snr & Jnr